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Marketing Strategy & Content Writing to Win You Customers & Clients


Do you live and breath your business but fight for time to get things done? Is it hard to communicate your  brand and purpose?

My superpower is turning complex ideas and information into clear, concise and effective content for your target market.

I collaborate with you to define your vision, outline your objectives, and identify your audience. I produce high-quality work and I do it well. I’m reliable, consistent and a great communicator.

Now here comes the good part …

When it comes to the web, all entrepreneurs need a plan. The local service professional needs a map as much as the tech-savvy expert with his groundbreaking software. It’s the same map, just a different route.

A website isn’t only a place to display your products; it’s your bulletproof advertising, marketing, and promotion machine, open 24 hours a day, every day. Where else can you reach out to so many potential customers and turn them into loyal clients and raving fans? Mediocre is not a choice!

But there’s more …

Quality content is guaranteed to raise your rankings in the search engine results pages. Creating quality material in shareable articles will grab your readers and hold their attention. And it’s no secret that high-power content gets more shares on social media.

If you’re busy growing up your business, there isn’t time to keep up with every update and innovation trending on the web. The layout of articles can be baffling. Where should the keywords go? How many? What headings? Where? And images? Do you know how to optimize them for the internet?

And I don’t stop there …

I’m trained to understand the psychology of business, your customer’s journey and the sales funnel. I fill in all the blanks; deliver the tweetable phrase, the Pinterest pin or the Facebook quote. I can find you the perfect image or create the ideal graphics to fit the words I write.

Let me explain …

A content marketing writer (that’s me) is your business partner. Working with you to map out your marketing strategy, conceptualize your articles and write your content. A partner whose only focus is to make you and your business sparkle! Like what you see?

Here’s what I want you to do next …

Ready to turn your business into a superstar?

So let’s talk about your project–there’s no obligation and no hard-sell. The goal is to find out if we’d like working together. If we’re a good match, you’ll get the works and turn your pixels into paying customers.

Sound good?

Let's Chat!

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