Redefine Your 2019 Social Media Marketing Strategy

Redefine Your 2019 Social Media Marketing Strategy

Redefine Your 2019 Social Media Marketing Strategy

Redefine Your 2019 Social Media Marketing Strategy

(This article was originally published on Blue)

It’s remarkable how 2018 is speeding toward the finish line. You may be working on your holiday marketing strategy, but before you finish that up, do you have your 2019 social media marketing strategy mapped out?

If not, it’s time you look at your social media marketing goals for 2019.

What are your objectives, and how will you accomplish them? Without setting parameters, goals become useless because these are the specifics that allow you to align your actions with your outcomes.

For success, a social media marketing strategy must not only be concise and measurable but also specific.

Taking a blanket approach is an option, but every social platform has unique requirements. And every demographic is different, and knowing this will be your key to a good 2019 social media marketing strategy.

Let’s look at the top platforms and examine what’s important.

Building Your 2019 Social Media Marketing Strategy by Network

To get started, narrow your marketing efforts down to the network(s) where your target market spends their time. The platform that performs for you will be where your customers are. And for most social media marketers, this means one or more of these five platforms:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Snapchat
  • Twitter

With five popular platforms, you’ll have five different approaches. Individual platforms should start with marketing tactics that resonate with platform-specific demographics. In the end, the strategy changes from channel to channel.

Social videos are key to a successful 2019 social media marketing strategy! And notably, video tops the charts for three of these platforms.

Sprout social index chart


This social giant is second only to YouTube as a video platform!

Over 500 million people watch over 100 million hours of Facebook videos every day, so optimize your offering using these two rules before you go all out on a Facebook ad campaign:

    1. Think about what you want to accomplish with the video, and who your target audience is. Where can they get more info, for instance?
    2. Make Instagram videos square because square videos use 78% more space in the News Feed. These videos consistently outperform the landscape format.


This network started as a photo-sharing social media platform in 2010, and now, it’s one of the most widely used social media networks. Instagram has over 300 million daily users, and brands engage with more of their total followers.

Reports show that about 4% more engagement happens on Instagram than on other social media channels. So, using video to launch your 2019 social media marketing campaign is simply good business sense.


There’s literally no way of being noticed on Snapchat without the use of video. Snapchat has more than 173 million active users who watch an average of 10 billion videos every day, thus, brands and marketers need to take notice of this opportunity.

Snapchat has a demographic of 18-34-year-olds, and Instagram encompasses this demographic, but Facebook does not. It is a key marketing platform to engage this cohort. So, follow your market to their favorite channel and build your brand there.


LinkedIn is the only network that’s all business, and with it, audience insights -from the Website Demographics tool – come first. This opens a window into customers interests, based on the details in their profiles.

Marketing expands exponentially as you adjust your strategy to target this new audience.

Use audience insights to apply a data-driven strategy that will also drive engagement with personalized and targeted messaging.

Data-insights allow you to position your site to align with the buyer’s journey.

Learn how visitors use your website and what pages engage them. So, research the path they use to get to the information and see who is interacting with your blog posts.

With this analysis, you will know what topics to add to attract the visitors you need.


The best social media marketing moves on Twitter begin with a data-driven strategy. Data lets you follow your customer, learn their concerns and speak to their pain points. Their conversations, the brands they follow and their behavior provide the insights, and you can even create custom audiences on the platform to target a specific group.

Using a data-driven strategy, combined with audience insights informs the stories you share, and every person interacting with your brand on the platform will feel the focus.

Data lets you break through the noise and elicit action with content designed to get results.

It’s no secret that people prefer a story. Slam-dunk your 2019 social media marketing strategy by aligning your story with your interests. If you want to break through the attention deficit of your target audience, this is the way to do it.

Sprout social Additional resources social marketers need to succeed

Social Marketers Need These Additional Resources for Success

Dedicated Resource for Content Development:

In 2019, more businesses will need a dedicated resource for content development. The volume and frequency of social media interactions are increasing at breakneck speed, so marketing teams must scramble to keep up with the demands of an active campaign.

Analytics Software:

Goals and objectives need to be tracked, and marketing initiatives need measurable results. Effective analytics software gives you a realistic picture of your social marketing efforts.

So, ask yourself, “What must be changed or tweaked?” and “What worked versus what did not work?”

More Staff:

Marketing teams sometimes get overlooked as the business grows, and companies that neglect them fade into obscurity. There are multiple marketing channels to engage in, and endless sales leads must be delivered.

Connecting with your audience is the whole point, thus, more staff will ease the pressure of staying on top of your audience.

Publishing Software:

Why invest in publishing tools made specifically for marketers? Because good software can handle many of the complex and often monotonous jobs in a content marketer’s day. Creating marketing collateral can be a tedious process.
For instance, blog posts, infographics, and videos are all fiddly tasks and are jobs that editorial tools are designed to simplify.

Graph Sprout social

Why Consumers Watch Social Videos

Your audience consumes social videos for three reasons; because technical content attracts viewers by its length, caption or description. They’ll click based on this question, “Does it feel like an ad or organic content?”

On an emotional level, people watch social videos to laugh, be inspired or to see a good story. This is why legendary marketers never lose sight of the power of storytelling.

It’s an art, so harness it to inspire and delight your social media audience and watch your brand take off.

The Moral of the Story

Social media success in 2019 is all about MORE. More videos, more analytics, more data-driven targeting over more networks. At the end of the day, it’s all about a bigger audience discovering your brand.





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