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Is your business online?

Does your business website have a place where potential customers and clients can get to know you and what you do?

And is your site full of content that creates inspiration, encourages trust and motivates your readers to become customers?

And how’s that going?

Are you ignoring one of the biggest, cost-effective content marketing systems available today?

The most important part of any online marketing effort and a prime driver for your success is often the most neglected.


I’m talking about your blog

Blogs can be the most unloved, abandoned element in the website equation. Maybe you originally started one but as things got busier and busier, it petered out. Maybe you never had the time or resources to implement a blog in the first place? Or maybe you never thought blogging was worth the effort?

Every online business should blog. It adds the human touch to the cold hard reality of pixels and code. And besides being a popular and effective content marketing tactic, blogging establishes website credibility.

Freelancers, entrepreneurs and small business owners all know that engaging with viewers is a secret of successful websites everywhere. The benefits don’t just stop with customer engagement, search engines love blogs too. Over 90% of bloggers have seen quantifiable SEO benefits from regular blogging within one year.

Do you believe in what you are doing?  Wouldn’t you like more customers and clients?


Want your business to grow?

Here’s just some of the marketing magic a well written, regularly updated blog can weave over your business.

  1. A blog is the cornerstone of your online brand, where your business tells its story.
  2. A blog allows you to share the values and principles by which your company operates.
  3. A blog filled with valuable content is SEO gold for search engines.
  4. Your blog is where conversion starts as prospective clients begin to know, like and trust you.
  5. A blog establishes expertise. With every new post, you and your business gain credibility.
  6. 60% of businesses who blog obtain more customers than businesses that don’t.
  7. The blog is where your social media followers can find your best in-depth content.

Blogs are a proven money-making marketing investment. No other platform offers as much free, unrestricted space where you can communicate with your audience. And a blog allows you to seamlessly integrate content marketing in the nicest way possible.

Times have changed. New algorithms have altered the internet landscape irrevocably. Go beyond social media, inspire a whole new flock of fans and make Google fall in love with your website all over again.


Don’t get left behind.

Let blogging give your business the edge!

Don’t just take my word for it. See this report for the stats on business blogging.


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