Jun 222016

Sitting Writing vs Sitting Reading?



Being a full time writer, I spend more time sitting than most.


But, who knew? Latest news says the very act of sitting, writing – can kill!


In a recent study, researchers turned the spotlight on prolonged sitting. This huge project involved nearly a quarter of a million people, over the age of 45!


Who pays for these things?


The verdict

Those who sit for 11 hours daily – or longer – are 40% more likely to die within three years, as opposed to those who sit four hours or less each day!


Take a typical workday. We wake, shower, dress, eat breakfast – usually sitting – and commute to work – sitting. While at work, most of us are at our desks. Doing what? Yup, more sitting.


After work – drinks at the pub, a favorite bistro, or quiet night home – there you go, sitting again. Never mind watching TV or surfing the net, you guessed it! Even more sitting!


Maybe that stand-up desk is a lifesaving accessory after all?


So if slaving away at the keyboard, sitting writing night and day is a high risk occupation, where’s the danger pay?


Apparently, exercise can mitigate some of the damage. How much is anyone’s guess? But with all this sitting, who’s got time to exercise?


Life by numbers

What about points for good behavior? Look at the percentages I’m gaining with good habits like moderate exercise (also protects an aging brain), which decreases all-cause mortality by 35%. Not smoking adds another 6.3% to an average lifespan. Keep a normal weight and you gain another 2.1%.


Eight or nine servings of fruit and veg could give you an extra 7%, which already improves life expectancy by over 51%. Will this cancel out the 40% chance of an early demise?


And all the other good habits that scientists have yet to conduct in-depth studies on? Like using seat belts, daily flossing, keeping positive, having some wine – but only one glass – and getting out into natural sunlight.


Not one for taking chances, I’ve also upped my coffee intake – two cups a day – added green tea, black tea, herbal tea and never forget those eight essential glasses of water.


We won’t talk about toilet time – TMI! But, if you’re female, it’s usually sitting…


Clarity here is hard to come by! Other people, not just me, are undeniably troubled by these articles too. One comment said, “I’m only 27! Does this mean I must switch occupations now or die young?”


Stay on the ball

I’m giving it up now. All this worry about sitting writing is doing my head in. Besides… time to pick up that stability ball I’m getting to replace my old, comfy desk chair.



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