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What are my rates, you ask? It’s like, what’s the length of a piece of string? Every project is unique.

Tailoring “packages” to suit each client’s unique business requirements is my specialty.

The rates below – for a single article – are intended as a guideline.

Your project is different; Don’t be a stranger, get in touch, let’s talk.

You can contact me via the “Contact” tab or use the e-mail link below.

Single Article with Byline

  • Up to 800 words: $120.00
  • Up to 1200 words: $180.00
  • Up to 2000 words: $300.00


  • Standard copy: $35.00 per hour
  • Web copy: $40.00 per hour

Other Writing

Projects and business packages can be created exclusively for you: Blogging, Copywriting, Content Marketing, Ghostwriting, White Papers, News Letters, Case Studies, etc.


See my “Portfolio” page.

Contact me at caricemostert@gmail.com

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