Jan 242017

Here’s to 2017


How’s 2017 unfolding for you? Three weeks lost in the African bush, as the old year slipped away, was the best! The ideal way to put the shopping, parties, traffic and madness of the season into perspective.

Are you facing this New Year with fresh resolve and renewed vision? Will 2017 be the year it all starts to come together?

For me, the picture that began to appear in 2016 became more focused as the year progressed.  By September, I had some loose idea of what needed to be done.  But there’s nothing concrete about ideas.

Resolutions? Well, resolutions just hang around waiting to be broken.  Why set yourself up for failure from the get-go?

So this year, I went with words…No, I know, not a new idea. I totally poached it from the internets, but words are my building materials. In so many ways, words are extraordinarily appropriate.

Some people chose one word; some people chose two – I chose three– just because I could… And I’m greedy.

2016 was the year of choices – as in making the right ones and change – as in embracing change as a force for good along with self-help – because you have to do it for yourself!

Each year the words have helped provide focus and direction. But now in 2017, my three words are so boundless that my challenges are explained by their very definition.  For example, my first word is…

Discipline – This one, powerful and precise, covers a whole lot of problems mostly relating to procrastination and fear.

  • Do it now, do it today
  • Don’t dawdle
  • Don’t procrastinate
  • No burying head-in-sand
  • Kick challenges to the ground

Paradoxically, both of the other words, Balance and Prosperity, hinge on discipline.

Prosperity seems obvious but it’s all tied up in balance and vice-a-versa. And the very word “prosperity” is ripe with meaning; material and spiritual as well as physical.

In order to create a balanced life, a prosperous life, think of you, your family, your business and your home as a whole. One complex organism, not a random collection of single-cell entities: Working in harmony, each part complimenting the other.

Well, there you have it, my route for 2017.  The beauty is that each year can be built on the accomplishments of the year before so the growth is never lost.

Let’s make 2017 a year to remember. The year we step out of the old comfort zone and stretch ourselves, even if only a little bit. Start to consider life out of the box, think laterally, and let your dreams take wings.

What words would you choose in 2017?



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